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Full Service Automotive Hail Dent Removal

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Professional Repair

Full Service Automotive Hail Dent Removal

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We Protect your car

Full Service Automotive Hail Dent Removal

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Our Pricing

Full car Restorations

Want to make your dream car a reality? From an old classic muscle, to a sentimental project car we’ve got you covered, plz call the shop number to set up a restoration consultation

Full Car Restorations prices

We can also mix decals, banners, advertisements, and custom vinyl wraps to complete your dream car! We can customize any part of the car starting for the following prices.

Chrome deletes

Chrome deletes are becoming more popular. Luxury can help cover that chrome with a paint!

Many people do not think about painting other vehicles like jet skis and boats. We would love to help with that! Luxury wraps golf clubs, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, luggage, refrigerators and anything else you can think of we can paint for you!

Our prices are the lowest around with skilled installers ready to turn your car into a piece of art!

chrome deletes​ prices

Headlight Restoration is provided for $50.00 per vehicle. This removes all road grime and oxidization from your headlight lenses. This gives you the ability to see further at night. Headlight restoration is a science as is the yellowing of your clear headlights. Its all about the UV rays and helping them get blocked to protect your headlamp. Leave the science to us and we will leave the driving to you! Luxury will not leave you in the dark, we get you shining bright through the night.


Luxury Car Cosmetics caters to all insurance carriers but also can help if you do NOT HAVE INSURANCE. We offer rebates and can work with you to make sure the out of pocket expense is minimal. Our motto is we want to take the dings out of your vehicle without dinging your pocket. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate.

Free estimates at Luxury Car Cosmetics make sure you get the most out of your claim so we can get your vehicle back into showroom condition. Many insurance carriers do not explain the damages in understandable terms. We are here to explain how the process works and make you comfortable with the work being done on your vehicle.

Luxury Car Cosmetics is HOME OF THE $500 DOLLAR COUPON. This goes towards your deductible or towards car customization of your choosing with a full car PDR treatment. If you have hail damage and would like to get it fixed and throw a custom spin at it, Luxury Car Cosmetics is the place to be!

Luxury Car Cosmetics details vehicles for privately owned vehicles, fleet vehicles, and dealership vehicles.

If you want your car detailed to look and smell new call Luxury Car Cosmetics. We provide a full detail at a low cost so your car is shining inside and out! We use a variety of tools and cleaners to vacuum, steam clean, sanitize, shine up, and polish. Whether you are a busy commuter or an off-road king looking to take all the mud out look no further than Luxury Car Cosmetics for your detailing needs!

Luxury Car Cosmetics paints vehicles, performs color corrections, and does paint damage (swirl and rock) repair. We have an in-house painting technician that will create any masterpiece you wish or can restore your vehicle to stock settings quickly. Once color corrected treat your vehicle to a Holy Grail Ceramic Coat to protect it for months/years!

Colorado is known for rock chips, relentless winters, and varying weather conditions. We can help with 3M clear bra installation. Ceramic Coats and 3M clear bra are the ultimate in rock chip protection.

As you see Luxury Car Cosmetics can make any dream a reality.          


Window Tint is provided by Luxury Car Cosmetics. The highest quality tint is used to ensure UV protection and better temperature control inside your vehicle. Window tint is mainly thought of for privacy however it protects your interior from the sun and all of your belongings. Have you ever been on a road trip and got sunburn on your arm? Now you know why! Get a tint today and be cool in more ways than one!