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Full Service Automotive Hail Dent Removal

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Professional Repair

Full Service Automotive Hail Dent Removal

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We Protect your car

Full Service Automotive Hail Dent Removal

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We Pay Your Deductible.

Don’t let insurance deductibles get in your way from repairing your hail damaged vehicle! We pay your deductible so everyone with coverage can get back on the road with $0 out of pocket. Guaranteed.

We Accept All Insurance Companies

We work with all insurance companies big and small so everyone is eligible for repairs. We go to bat for you to make sure your vehicle gets every penny it needs when it comes to repairs. We replace everything from windshields, trim, antenna, spoilers, roofs, and even emblems! If you have a question about the insurance process and filing a claim please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Work

They Love Us!

Auto Dent Removal Service In The Cimarron Hills, Colorado : A Step-By-Step Break Down

Bring your hail damaged vehicle in for your 100% Free, No Obligation Estimate. Once you’ve received your estimate, drop off your vehicle with us. If you need a ride, just let us know!
  • Already have an open claim? Bring your claim number with you!
  • Not sure how to file a claim? We’re happy to help, just ask!
  • Our team of leading industry professionals will thoroughly assess the damage to your vehicle. We then determine what is needed to make your vehicle look like new.

We deal directly with your insurance company, saving you the hassle! We liaison with the adjuster, setting up an inspection and getting everything approved before work begins. We go to bat for you, making sure you get every dollar towards the repair that you deserve! 

Using the method of hail repair, our master technicians meticulously restores your vehicle’s exterior to like new condition. 

If needed on your vehicle we will perform additional repairs on the exterior, including traditional body and paint work. We also repair or replace glass with our in-house glass team,

Hail can damage things other than your vehicle’s exterior, such as trim or chrome elements. We replace all such components as part of the repair process at no addtional cost to you. 

After repairs are completed we  perform a thorough diagnostic of your vehicle to ensure every dent, ding, scratch, and part replacement has been addressed to our top standards. 

Once we are 100% satisfied with the quality of your repair as well as the cleanliness of your vehicle we release it to you. Vehicle drop off is available, just let us know when and where we can reunite you!